As you drive to Enchanted Valley Barn you will feel yourself slipping away from the fast and fun things that we have come to know Gatlinburg for, and begin to connect with the heritage we love to speak about.  As you become surrounded by hills and farmland and trees, you can begin to imagine what it was like for our ancestors who cultivated the farms and raised their families on the land.


When you arrive to Enchanted Valley Barn you realize this is an authentic homestead that is tucked away, just as the story goes, a farm founded and raised by folks who left the Great Smoky Mountain National Park when it became Federal property.  The barn has many of it’s original properties and the home that sits next is the home first built on the land.


There is a sense of authenticity that can’t be missed as you tour the property.


Locals know Ruth.  Many tourists have been taught by Ruth who is a story teller herself and now the proprietor of the home and barn. As you tour the property it is fun to hear the stories of the farm, straight from one who spent her years growing up here.  The barn and it’s beautifully landscaped area provide wedding and reception space that is authentically set in in the hills of Gatlinburg.  The bride and groom can stay in the barn for a romantic night on the farm.  The bride and groom will dress in the home.


When you marry at Enchanted Valley Barn it is a completely different experience than when in downtown Gatlinburg.  You have time, space, and a uniquely authentic Gatlinburg homestead and tobacco barn that will become a part of your love story forever.



Request a tour today with Ruth and learn all about the deep history of Enchanted Valley Barn.