At the Enchanted Valley Barn, not a day goes by where we are not reminded of our heritage.  When you arrive at Enchanted Valley Barn, you know you have found a very special place in the Smokies.  All of the new things we associate with the Smoky Mountains you will not find here.  What you find is peace, nature, wildlife, and love.

Pittman Center is the community we call home.  My grandparents moved to this area in 1932 after selling their land for a National Park, we now know as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  At that time they purchased 125 acres here in the valley, my father was 7 years old.  My father told me wonderful stories about growing up on the farm.  My father and his brother built the tobacco barn we now call Enchanted Valley Barn.

After serving in the Navy in WW II, dad bought this farm.  It was 1950 and the land was purchased from his mother.  My father then worked in Oak Ridge, but just a few years later he was called to the ministry, and to the farm we moved, I was 3 years old in the year 1954 when we arrived. Even though TVA had brought electricity to the county, our farm was without. We lead a simple and hard working life while my father ministered to 10 churches, marrying and burying and loving all the way in between.

Sam Venable, a long time friend and writer wrote this about my father, “Here was one of the kindest, most humble people I’ve ever known.  He stood a tall 6’3″ and straight as a poplar tree, narrow at the waist, hickory bark tanned. Hollywood handsome with eyes that twinkled, silver hair that curled around his ears and a warm smile welded to his lips.”

The way my father lead his life has been a blessing to me and one we pass on to every couple and family that connects with us through the Enchanted Valley Barn.  What a joy it is to continue to spread the love of my father and his love of Christ as we carry on in the Smokies.

“The righteous who walk in his integrity – blessed are his children after him.”
Proverbs 20:7