Less stress?  Really? Taking a few simple steps can help your choices come together perfectly.

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The Enchanted Valley Barn Wedding experience is all about less stress for the couple, and their wedding party and guests if they are a part of the couple’s dream wedding.

Allow us to suggest some ideas that may help YOU feel better as you begin to plan this special day.
Choose the Venue First!
As you choose your venue, consider your budget.  Does the venue include a rain plan?  Have you dreamt of a Smoky Mountain Wedding?  We welcome the opportunity to give you a venue tour and talk to you about how Enchanted Valley Barn can be the right choice for you.

Buy the dress second.
You won’t want to by a formal ballgown and then choose a rustic chic barn, so most couples select their venue first.  Of course we accommodate any style and all eclectic fun ideas! We are currently booking dates for 2019 and 2020, it is not too early to take a tour.
Are you flexible with dates?
For some couples, there is a great deal that goes in to the choice of the wedding date.  For others there is a season they prefer, but have flexibility and can choose according to ideas available to them.  Either way we would love to talk to you! If you have a specific date in mind we would recommend you contact us now, if you have flexible dates, let us know and we will offer great ideas for what might be awesome for your wedding.

Work with a Venue where you have choices!
When we work with our couples, we work to allow them to customize as they please.  You have more DIY options when you choose Enchanted Valley Barn. Talk with us about our rates and what is included.  We offer awesome connections to vendors who want to include catering services, photography, videography and more.

Every couple and family has many variables that make their story special. Allow us to listen to your story and help you create your dream come true, Gatlinburg wedding.  Get married in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee at Enchanted Valley Barn.