Smoky Mountain wedding, Smoky Mountain wedding venue, Smoky Mountain wedding catering, Smoky Mountain reunion dining hall, Smoky Mountain venue dining hall, Smoky Mountain rustic weddingsEach year of planning brings a new set of couples with new ideas to share.  We love to meet our new couples and their families and are always impressed with their thoughts and how to incorporate their families, friends, and dreams they have shared about their special day.  Often we find what is old is new again, trends tend to circle around much as we often say the style of men’s ties do!

This year we have a few trends we like we can share!  Couples are choosing bright colors for their wedding party and receptions.  Bright purples are the new pink along with fun color combinations like pinks with oranges.

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What about a Sunday Wedding?  It used to be that Sunday weddings we not traditional but as families grow and the younger set is making choices we like some of their ideas!  One of them is to have the family reunion, get together first, with the wedding last, so that by the time the wedding happens, folks know each other and it means even more.  In place of the wedding staring the festivities the exchange of vows is the grand finale of a planned reunion or get together.  We love this idea!

What ideas do you have for your special day?  Are you planning a 2019 or 2020 wedding?  Now is the time to tour our venue and consider your wedding venue choices.  Enchanted Valley Barn has so much to offer the couple who loves an eco friendly, natural setting for their wedding.  What could be more beautiful that the Great Smoky Mountains as your destination for your wedding.  If you would like to reserve a time to tour our property we welcome you!  Contact Us today!