We thought we would take a gander through the articles online and in the magazines around to see what the trends for the 2019 and 2020 couples are according to the experts who study the trends.
Great News!  Enchanted Valley Barn is right in line with today’s couples!

Green/ Eco-friendly Weddings is a trend.
Outdoor Remains a trend in wedding ceremonies.
Rust is the new Metal!  (awesome)
Plants, Herbs and Wildflowers are still popular.

Appalachian woman, old cabin picture, old Appalachian family picture, old Smoky Mountain family picture, Smoky Mountain archive, Smoky Mountain woman, Appalachian woman in dress, Old picture of the Appalachian mountains, the old timesOf course, we are happy to read this because, things are pretty natural at The Enchanted Valley Barn. Our barn was a tobacco barn, built after our family moved to this property, when the Smokies became the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and our family had to move.

Our meadows and wildflowers lend well to outdoor settings for photography and wedding settings.  Couples love our footbridge.

Although we enjoy keeping an eye on the trend what matters to us is YOU. What is YOUR dream. What ideas do YOU have.  That is what matters to us.

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Enchanted Valley Barn, Springtime in the Smoky Mountains.

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  1. Love enchanted valley barn. They make you feel like a part of the family from your first visit til your big day. Wonderful people to work with. I can’t say enough how wonderful my daughter and son in laws wedding turned out.

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