Have you heard of Gatlinburg’s legendary stories by Wiley Oakley?  Wiley Oakley is one of the areas most well known story tellers, one credited with building the interesting and sharing the lives of those who lived in the Smokies.  Wiley was born to a large family in the late 1800’s and became one of Gatlinburg’s greatest ambassadors to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, having met and given F.D.R. tours of the Smoky Mountains and more.

What were weddings like in the Smokies in Wiley’s Day?  Well, Wiley tells some stories you won’t ever forget.  Wiley took a “shine” to a gal called Rebecca Ann. Rebecca Ann and Wiley were so anxious to get married they went a knockin’ on the preachers door late at night.  Needless to say, the preacher wasn’t that interested in marrying the two.  Wiley became known for his persistent ways and the preacher finally agreed to doing a ceremony IF they slid the paperwork and money under the door, and they were “hitched by an invisible preacher man.”  Rebecca Ann and Wiley enjoyed a wonderful marriage with 12 children.  Wiley Oakley was a big player in the creation of the National Park and became known by many as a skilled hunter and naturalist of the park.

We love the heritage of our area and work to preserve it.  Enchanted Valley Barn began as a family farm, a homestead created as the family moved from the mountains to this place in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where my family grew.  Stories abound. Come and tour Enchanted Valley Barn and see why we may be the dream location for your Smoky Mountain Wedding.