This farm,where Enchanted Valley Barn is now located,  is where my family moved when they were required to leave the Smokies as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park became a reality.

As teenagers, the tobacco barn was constructed and now is the venue for your storybook wedding.  Tobacco was cut and dried in the barn. As a popular Southern crop this was a way of life in the Smokies. Although many were constructed throughout the state of Tennessee, few still stand.

My dad bought the farm from his mother in 1950.  We lived at the farm with no electricity and no running water while dad worked in Oak Ridge.   He drove 120 miles round trip.  He left on Monday and returned on Friday.  We learned early how to care for the land.

In 1957, he sold the farm to his brother-in-law and he divided the 200 acres farm and sold parcels to those who are our neighbors.  We currently sit on 14 acres of this beautiful mountain land we call Enchanted Valley Barn.