Once, many tobacco farms and barns like this stood in the Tennessee and North Carolina Smokies.  Tobacco farming was one way those who had settled in the Smoky Mountains (that then became Federal Land for the making of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park) settled and made a living for their families.  That is true of my family and how the Barn that now stands as the Enchanted Valley Barn was created.

Tobacco growing developed a long and rich history in our area yet now our Barn is one of few that still stand in the East Tennessee area.

I was a teenagers when my father constructed the barn. The tobacco crops grown in the fields were cut and dried in the barn.  In the fields, it was late July and early August when tobacco harvesting began. Leaves were picked off the groomed tobacco plants over weeks of time.  Leaves were placed on drying sticks and placed in the barn. Often a furnace was heated and maintained for 7 days with doors shut while drying occurred.The season from September to late November the barn was filled with drying tobacco.  I think of that each year as this season rolls around.

What a beautiful opportunity it is to have guests to this place I call home. 

If I can offer a venue tour please feel free to contact me.

Ruth Miller, Owner, Operator.